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The lion isn't the quickest or the biggest animal in the wild, so why is it the king? It is the lion's mentality that makes him the King of the Jungle . Baby Lion strives to be the king of the BSC jungle that utilizes blockchain technology to help diverse charitable foundations involved with general public, including the medical, education, emergency services, animals, and more. No one can deter Baby Lion when it commands to give back, that is why $BLN has teamed with international organizations to conduct donation campaigns in different areas of the world with utmost need which will get documented by well known youtubers; as well as taking part in further development of ecosystem, so watch out for BLN apps in Phase 3.


Baby Lion Merchandise for the pride's most dedicated supporters. Exlusively for long term $BLN holders. Our very own way of saying thank you.


Total Supply
Initial Burn
Lion's Roar(Manual Burn)
Pancakeswap Liquidity

10% Tax every transaction


Distributed to Holders


Direct to Liquidity


Marketing and Development


For Charity


                                  Our Itinerary from the Jungle to the Moon

Phase One

     Pancake Swap Listing

     Meme Contest

     Frequent giveaways for the community

     Website Launch

     BLN Merchandise launch

     Marketing Campaigns

     Release of animation & jingle

     Partnerships with huge influencers

     Partnerships with international organizations for charity

     Multiple charity events

     Publishing of the charity drive documentations by well known youtubers

     CG listing

     Creative Video & Banner Contest

Phase Two


 Establishment of new partnerships   

 Expanding our list of Charitable Foundations   

 BLN Roar Track App (Reward tracking application)   

 Expansion of relationships with Youtubers & Influencers   

 Multiple charity drives with $BLN community volunteers   

 Exploration of Cex partnerships   

 User Interface of the BLN gaming app(Play to Earn Application)   

 More Giveaways   

Phase Three

     Baby Lion’s game integration & development

     Multiple charity drives with huge influencers on board

     BLN NFTs

     Further development of the ecosystem

     Baby Lion's game app launch


Baby Lion Team


The Bone

Mufasa take on the journey in the defi space with a history of leadership & entrepreneurial background in different international organizations. Make way as he leaves a trace in the crypto space.


The Veins

Her years of experience in the entrepreneurial world mixed with her burning passion, she makes sure her years of knowledge flows through the entire Baby Lion team. She takes care of every little cub she meets along the way.


The Mouth

Wherever you may be, once you hear about Baby Lion, it is because of him. When Scar roars, everybody hears.


The Eyes

He sees everything fast, he don’t let any opportunities pass. With Leo’s clear eyes, he makes every partnership with Baby Lion a great catch.


The Hands

Nala, the artistic one who creates beauty out of anything, and everything.


The Ear

He hears every beat, he makes sure the system flows perfectly neat. Yes, he moderates the Baby Lion communities while... roaring!


True Lion Gives Back

Baby Lion's First Charity

Thank you to the great pride of Baby Lion, we are able to help baby Hope Cervantes in her fight against leukemia.
It is our greatest pride to help those who are in need. This is why our team strives for Baby Lion to be the king of BSC jungle - to give back, to give everyone a fighting chance, & to purely serve our purpose.
We are grateful for everyone who took part in this assist. From the $BLN holders, to the volunteers, and our Philippine partners for making this happen. This is only the beginning of Baby Lion’s life long journey. Roar!

Baby Lion's Second Charity

On July 18, 2021, Baby Lion Philippines have served its selfless purpose of giving back and making a difference, something that the world needs more of. Its second charity did not merely help, but has also driven hope and faith to the children of Tahanan ng Pagmamahal Orphanage to an immense extent.
In a world where children face chaos and grim, be a light and lend a hand. Love should reside among all, and by then, maybe this world may give children a better place to aspire and dream.

Baby Lion's Charity Partner

Baby Lion X Lions International

In cooperation with Dimalupig Lions Club International, a charity drive was held in Bataan, Philippines. Despite the strong rains, we've managed to give back to its residents of who are in need of help - the soul purpose of Baby Lion.

Baby Lion Application

Baby Lion's NFT Game

We are thrilled to announce the first ever racing game in the blockchain world: ROAR: Ride with Pride.
STAY WITH US as we announce the updates on the development of the game.



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